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Steinernema feltiae

Steinernema feltiae

Nematode entomopatogeno per il controllo di ditteri e lepidotteri

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Nematode entomopathogenic used mainly the floriculture industry, $ 1 cut flowers and ornamental plants, $ 1 / strong> for the biological control of larvae of Diptera, $ 1strong> moths and thrips.

Controlled adversities:

  • Larvae and pupae of thrips


  • sciarids
  • Phoridi
  • Agromyzidae
  • Muscidae


  • noctuids
  • agrotis
  • Cossidae
  • Sesidi

These nematodes move through the film of water that surrounds the microparticles of soil and actively seek their victims. After having identified the larvae of insects, the nematodes penetrate them, through the natural openings of the body, and expel a symbiont bacterium; these microorganisms develop and the insect dies, under optimal conditions the insect can perish within 12-24 or at most 72 hours.

The speed with which the inept will disappear will depend on the ambient temperature, $ 1n. Steinernema feltiae is very active at temperatures of 15-20 ° C, while below 10 ° C and above 30 ° C it loses its effectiveness. It is particularly used in floriculture for the control of Sciaridi larvae in pot cultivations, in substrates or in pallets.

These nematodes are harmless for crops, humans, the environment and useful insects.

Steinernema feltiae controlla:

  • Larve e pupe di tripidi 


  • Sciaridi
  • Phoridi
  • Agromizidi
  • Muscidi


  • Nottuidi
  • Agrotidi
  • Cossidi
  • Sesidi

Questi nematodi sono innocui per la coltura, l'uomo, l'ambiente e gli insetti utili.

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