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BioProtek Rosso

BioProtek Rosso

Potassium salts solution (K 10)

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Bioprotek Rosso it’s a Potassium silicate and Manganese based product in a stable formulation, suitable for Integrated Agriculture on all tree and floricultural crops, from the vegetative awakening up to the harvest.

As a source of Potassium and Manganese, this product is suited for foliar treatments; thanks to its multipurpose matrix, it guarantees a harmonious and healthy development of the vegetation.

Bioprotek Rosso performs useful growth functions, ensuring high and balanced intake of Potassium and Manganese, restoring plant’s health thanks to his high alkaline pH and it allows an effective protection on the plant, inhibiting many pathogenic fungal attacks.

Thanks to its precious cytotropic properties, it is quickly activated both outside and inside plant tissues, ensuring maximum efficiency on development and flowering.

It also control various pests, enhancing plant defense mechanisms, thanks to the organic matter oxidation process.

Bioprotek Rosso performs an interesting action against Powdery Mildew, on Cucurbits and Solanaceae, controlling other pathogens without developing resistant strains.

Against Powdery Mildew we recommend to alternate Sulphur treatments.

Potassium oxide (K2O) water soluble
Manganese oxide (Mn) water soluble
CropsFoliar Kg/Ha
Tree crops
3 - 7 Kg/Ha
Industrial crops
3 - 7 Kg/Ha
Horticultural crops
3 - 7 Kg/Ha
3 - 7 Kg/Ha
Lawn turf and golf courses
3 - 7 Kg/Ha

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