BioProtek Verde

BioProtek Verde

Fertilizer solutionNPK 10-40-10

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Bioprotek verde is a synthetic NPK solution, usable in Integrated Agriculture, on all crops (tree, vegetable, horticulture and flower).

It's usable from the vegetative pre-awakening phase, up to the harvest on vegetable, horticultural and flower crops; until fruit development for tree crops.

Used as a foliar application and/or as a soil treatment, it's quickly absorbed and thanks to its multipurpose matrix, it guarantees a harmonious and healthy development of the vegetation. 

Bioprotek Verde acts many important roles in plants:

  • It acts directly in Phosphoric metabolism.
  • It's quickly absorbed and moved into plant tissues thanks to its high-quality characteristics. Benefits of Bioprotek Verde are shown during the development of the plant and during the flowering phase, showing better resistance to diseases, activating natural self-defences mechanisms (phytoalexin synthesis), endogenous substances who perform the important function of restoring plant health.
Total nitrogen (N)
Nitrogen (N)
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)  soluble in water
Potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water
CropsFoliar (kg/ha)Radical (kg/ha)
Tree crops1,5 - 3
10 - 20
Industrial crops
1,5 - 2,5
10 - 20
Horticultural crops1,5 - 2,5
10 - 20
Floriculture1,5 - 3
10 - 20
Lawn turf and golf courses
1,5 - 2
10 - 20

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