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Bioprotek AK 47

Bioprotek AK 47

Simple Mineral Fertilizer - Potassium salts B.T.C.

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3 Kg 25 Kg

Bioprotek AK 47 is a potassium-based product mixed with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), in a stabilized powder formulation, suitable in an Integrated farming System, for the most important crops,(horticultural, flower and tree crops) from the vegetative pre awakening phase up to the harvest.

Bioprotek AK 47 acts many important functions in development, growth and plant protection. Thanks to the high potassium concentration, mixed with a special combination of carboxylic acids, it reaches the maximal efficiency and it’s able to ensure a high and balanced nutritional intake, restoring a perfect healthy on crops. 

Bioprotek AK 47 it's quickly activated both outside and inside plant tissues, thanks to its cytotropic properties; it also helps to control various pests, avoiding the development of resistant strains.

The effects of using Bioprotek AK 47 are shown during the development of the plant and during the flowering phase, showing better resistance to diseases. It also performs an important role in restoring plants health, or exalting and preserving it if the plant is already in a good vegetative-productive state.

Potassium oxide (K2O)47%

Bioprotek AK 47 is a powder formulation, mixable with the most of plant protection products. We recommend to use it by foliar on all crops for a better production of fruits, leaves or seeds. 

Bioprotek AK 47 fits into all cultivation systems. Most successful benefits from Bioprotek AK 47 results if it’s applied before most important phenological phases (such as flowering, root development), or for crops that aren’t in good conditions (for example drought, excessive heat). Frequent applications produce more reliable results compared to individual treatment.

CropsFoliar (kg/Ha)
Tree crops2 - 3 Kg/Ha
Industrial crops2 - 3 Kg/Ha
Horticultural crops2 - 3 Kg/Ha
Floriculture2 - 3 Kg/Ha
Lawn turf and golf courses2 - 3 Kg/Ha

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