Bio Wake 810

NP 8-10 fertilizer solutionDormancy breaker

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Bio Wake 810 is a synthetic fertilizer with a strong phyto-regulating activity, growth activator and dormancy breaker, suited for use in integrated agriculture on some tree crops (cherry, kiwi, apricot, apple, pear, etc.), from the vegetative pre-awakening phase (to brown), up to the harvest.

After the treatment, the Bio Wake 810 is quickly absorbed into the lymphatic system and, thanks to its polyvalent matrix, it guarantees a harmonious and healthy development of the vegetation.
Applied on Kiwi, Cherry, Table grapes, Stone fruits, Pome fruits, etc., Bio Wake 810 stimulates the enzyme ribulose - 1, $ 1 - bifosfatocarboxylase - oxygenase; thanks to this ability, the phenological phases of budding, flowering and maturation take place in shorter periods than the untreated.

The contemporary start and the uniform growth during the earliest stage of development, allow a homogeneous flowering, the first step for a concentrated harvest, characterized by high-quality standards. In the treatment with Bio Wake 810, the harvesting period is anticipated from 7 to 15 days (depending on the seasonal trend, the number of treatments and the doses used). Moreover, an extraordinary uniformity of size and maturation has been detected. This allows us to collect as much product as possible and to offer our harvest in advance on the markets, with excellent quality parameters.

Total nitrogen (N)
Nitrogen (N)
Phosphorus pentoxide (P 2 O 5 ) soluble in water
Cherry, Peach & Apricot
4 - 5 kg/ha
2 - 3 kg/ha
Vine and Kiwi
3 - 5 kg/ha
2 - 3 kg/ha
Stone and Pome fruit
4 - 5 kg/ha
2 - 3 kg/ha
Tomato and Artichoke
-2 - 3 kg/ha
Peas and Horticultural
-2 - 3 kg/ha

As dormancy breaker treatment:

We recommend 2 treatments spaced 15 - 20 days, before flowering and at least 7 days from previous treatments with pesticides.

Foliar applications (after flowering for stone-fruit or after the horticultural replants) as a plant growth regulator:

We recommend 2 - 4 treatments spaced 15 - 20 days, from “growing fruit” stage to the ripening and spaced at least 7 days from previous treatments with pesticides. 

For industrial and horticultural crops, we recommend 2 - 3 treatments from transplanting until 7 days before the harvest.

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