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Nitrogen organic-mineral fertilizer

Extr is a concentrated extract of Organic substances made of sea algae of the genus Sargassum, Ascophyllum nodosum and Laminaria, containing high content of: natural plant hormones, mineral traces, carbohydrates, etc.

Extr is a special solution with anti-stress properties. The components in it, including: Betaine, Amino Acids, Alginic Acid, Mannitol, Auxins, CytokininsGibberellins, enhance metabolism and influence the activity of important enzymatic complexes. The presence of Mannitol and Alginic acid improve the transport of nutrients inside the plants; Auxins promote root system development; Citokinins promote cell divisions; Gibberellins promote cell elongation and division; Betaines improve the ability of plants to get through stressful conditions.

Extr promotes and stimulates:

  • plants growth;
  • enhances natural self-defense mechanisms of plants;
  • promotes vegetative growth;
  • promotes a faster leaves growth;
  • promotes a copious flowering;
  • increases the quantity and quality of the harvest.
Total Nitrogen (N)8%
Organic Nitrogen (N)0.5%
Urea Nitrogen (N)7.5%
Organic carbon (C) of biological origin
Mineral fertilizers
Organic components
Algae extract in solid form
Foliar (kg/ha)
Tree crops
2 - 4
Industrial crops
2 - 4
Horticultural crops
2 - 4
Flower crops
2 - 4
Lawns and golf courses
2 - 4

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