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Extr 500 SC

Extr 500 SC

Organic fluid extract of fresh seaweed

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Extr 500 sc is a fluid extract of 100% fresh sea algae Ascophyllum nodosum, obtained by "cold" extraction processes to preserve noble substances contained in the product: vitamins, minerals, sugars, natural hormonal substances, cytokinins, auxins.

Extr 500 sc represents an important source of energy for the metabolic system of plants. The high quality of the product increases productivity, vegetative development and the resistance to environmental stress.

Organic Carbon (C)2,0%
Tree crops
Pre flowering
Post fruit set
1 - 1,5 Lt/ha
1,5 - 2 Lt/ha
Erbaceous crops
Post transplanting
Fruit development
1 - 1,5 Lt/ha
1 - 2 Lt/ha
Industrial crops
Vegetative development
Productive phase
1 - 1,5 Lt/ha
1 - 2 Lt/ha

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