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Vegetable oil for the completion of the weeding mixtures

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This special activator, made up of rapeseed oil, is able to significantly promote the absorption of active ingredients within weeds even in unfavorable climatic conditions.

Codacide ® is a completely biodegradable vegetable oil for the completion of the bleaching mixtures of sunflower, chard and corn. Added to mixtures containing herbicides it is able to improve the distribution, the wettability and the adherence to the treated weeds, significantly increasing the absorption of the active ingredients, in particular its action optimizes the effectiveness of the treatment in critical environmental situations such as low humidity air, low soil moisture, high temperatures and non-optimal equipment.

Codacide in miscela con erbicidi
1 - 1,25 L/ha indipendentemente dalla dose d'impiego del prodotto fitosanitario e dei volumi d'acqua utilizzati

Istruzioni per l'uso

Versare il prodotto Fitosanitario nella botte dell'irrroratrice parzialmente riempita d'acqua (1/3), quindi aggiungere la dose prevista di Codacide e completare il riempimento della botte fino al volume desiderato mantenendo la massa in costante agitazione.

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