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Boro Complex

Boro Complex

Boron ethanolamine

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Boro Complex is characterized by a perfect uniformity of distribution thanks to Boron chelated with organic molecules and to the liquid formulation.

Phytotoxicity risks using Boro Complex are very low. Boron is a trace element essential in many bio-enzymatic processes, necessary for the development of flowers, fruits and roots.

Boro Complex favours flower fertilization, controls the absorption of nutrients and the transport of carbohydrates.

It increases fruit-set, the amount of fruit produced and sugar synthesis.

Boro Complex is always applied with water at recommended dosage and can be used both by foliar or roots.

Applications are necessary when plants show a slow vegetative development or a poor fruit set, little grapes on Grapevine, suberosis on fruit crops, Sugar Beet heart rot, Tobacco stunted growth

Foliar treatments are suggested during the coolest hours of the day.

Don not mix with alkaline reaction products.

Boron (B) soluble in water
CropsFoliar applicationsRadical applications
Tree crops1 - 3 kg/ha
20 - 40 kg/ha
Industrial crops1 - 3 kg/ha
20 - 40 kg/ha
Horticultural crops1 - 3 kg/ha
20 - 40 kg/ha
Flower crops1 - 3 kg/ha
20 - 40 kg/ha
Lawns and golf courses1 - 3 kg/ha
20 - 40 kg/ha

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