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Micromix EDTA

Micromix EDTA

Complex micronutrients with EDTA

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Micromix EDTA is a product based on Iron, Manganese and Zinc complexed with ethylene-diamino-tetraacetic acid (EDTA), the result of research and experience in the prevention of many micronutritional deficiencies on Grapevine, Tree and Flower crops.

Micromix DTPA is particularly indicated to prevent specific deficiencies, such as Iron, Zinc and Manganese, which occur with yellowing and chlorosis of leaves on many crops.

Micromix DTPA provides easily assimilable elements to plant, thanks to the organic molecules associated, necessary to prevent and treat nutrient deficiency of these elements.

Water-soluble iron (Fe)
Iron (Fe) chelated with EDTA
Manganese (Mn) soluble in water
Manganese (Mn) chelated with EDTA
Water-soluble zinc (Zn)
Zinc (Zn) chelated with EDTA
Chelating agent
pH range that guarantees good stability of the chelated fraction
CropsRadical (1 or more applications)
Foliar (g/hl)
Tree crops20 - 50 g/plant
150 - 250
Industrial crops5 - 50 kg/ha
100 - 200
Horticultural crops5 - 50 kg/ha
150 - 250
Flower crops17 - 75 kg/ha
150 - 250
Lawns and golf courses5 - 20 kg/ha
100 - 200

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