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Multimicro L Complex

Multimicro L Complex

Mixture of Iron (Fe) (sulphate), Manganese (Mn) (sulphate) and Zinc (Zn)

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Multimicro L complex is a very modern product based on Iron, Manganese and Zinc, the result of research and experience in the prevention of many micro nutritional deficiencies on Grapevine and Tree crops.

Multimicro L complex is particularly indicated to prevent specific deficiencies, such as Iron, Zinc and Manganese, which occur with yellowing and chlorosis of leaves on many crops.

Multimicro L complex provides easily assimilable elements to plant, thanks to the organic molecules associated, necessary to prevent and treat nutrient deficiency of these elements.

Multimicro L complex can be used on all crops (Stone Fruit, Pome Fruit, Citrus, Grapevine, Horticultural and Ornamental crops), both by foliar or roots. 

Water-soluble iron (Fe)
Manganese (Mn) soluble in water
Water-soluble zinc (Zn)
Water-soluble Magnesium Oxide (MgO)
Raw materials: Iron salt (sulphate), Manganese salt (sulphate), Zinc salt (sulphate), Magnesium sulphate of natural origin.
Foliar applications
200-300 g/hl repeating every 20 days
Foliar applications
Mild chlorosisSevere chlorosis
300 - 400 g/hl400 - 500 g/hl
Localized radical applications
100 - 200 g each plant in 20 lt
Preventive for calcareous soilsCurative for mild chlorosis
20 - 30 kg/ha50 - 60 kg/ha

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