Allowed in Organic farming
Calcio Forte 400 WP

Calcio Forte 400 WP

Calcium Formate

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Calcio Forte WP 400 is a fertilizer with high Calcium content, associated with organic acids (formic acid) highly soluble in water, suitable on all crops.

We suggest the use during all phenological phases: from pre-flowering up to the harvest.

Unlike Calcium Nitrate, this solution doesn't contain nitrogen, so it can be used as a Calcium source readily available, on plants with high vegetative vigour in Biological Agriculture.

Calcio Forte WP 400 improves organoleptic characteristics of fruits and vegetables; it's quickly absorbed and make plant tissues stronger and resistant. 

It's able to avoid Calcium deficiency (bitter pit, black heart, cracking, dieback, etc), increasing shelf-life of fruits.

Calcium Oxide (CaO) soluble in water40%
Allowed in Biological Agriculture
(lettuce, beets, celery, fennel, parsley, tomato, bell pepper, aubergine, etc)
To treat every 10-15 days from transplanting or fruit set. It's possible to associate it to pesticide products.
2 - 4 kg/ha
Industrial crops
(soy, sunflower, corn, tobacco, etc)
At least 2 treatments from blooming, every 15-20 days associated with pesticide products.
2 - 5 kg/ha
Grapevine and ActinidiaTo treat from fruit set every 10-15 days associated with pesticide products.
3 - 5 kg/ha
Stone Fruit
(apricot, peach, cherry, etc)

At least 4 treatments from fruit set, every 15-20 days. We recommend to treat just before the harvest, to avoid diseases (heating, browning, etc).
3 - 5 kg/ha

Pome Fruit
(apple, pear)

Seedlings, Pot plants, Nurseries
To treat every 10-15 days.
300 - 500 g per 1000 m2
Fertigations, Hydroponic
Application according to the nutritional plan, with short intervals (6-8 days) for cultures with Calcium deficiency.
150 - 200 g/m3

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