Isomate A/OFM (Cydia & Anarsia)
Isomate A/OFM (Cydia & Anarsia)
Allowed in Organic farming
Isomate A/OFM (Cydia & Anarsia)

Isomate A/OFM (Cydia & Anarsia)

A new approach to controlling CYDIA MOLESTA (Oriental fruit moth) and ANARSIA LINEATELLA (Peach twig borer)

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The Isomate A/OFM controlled-release dispenser contains synthetic pheromones that are chemically similar to the natural pheromone produced by Cydia molesta and Anarsia lineatella. The dispenser is composed of two parallel polymer tubes filled with a specific pheromone mix. The tubes are joined at the outer edges and open in the centre.


Mating disruption success relies on frequent monitoring of the insect population in such a way that, if necessary, prompt action may be taken in order to lower population numbers. Thus monitoring traps should be placed throughout the orchard (and especially at the edges covered) and inspected on a weekly basis throughout the season. If the mating disruption technique is functioning properly, the monitoring traps will collect almost no insects. Regular inspection of the monitoring traps is fundamental to determining whether additional treatment is necessary. As far as peach crops are concerned, at least 500 shoots should be checked per every 10 trees (approximately 50 shoots per tree) in the centre and at the edges of the orchard in such a way as to defend the orchard from damage by second generation insects. Should the degree of damage to fruit stand at between 2-3%, treatment of the crop with an additional insecticide is warmly encouraged.

(Z) -8-Dodecenyl acetate
(E) -8-Dodecenyl acetate
(Z) -8-dodecen-1-ol
(E) -5-Decenyl acetate
(E) -5-decen-1-ol
(guaranteed minimum for 290 mg diffuser)


Isomate A/OFM dispensers must be positioned in spring PRIOR to the flight of over wintering generation of OFM. The dispensers may be opened and simply hung over the branches of the fruit trees. The opening of the dispensers should not be forced as this may lead to breakage of the tubes. Avoid direct sunlight as it may accelerate the pheromone release.

1000 dispensers per hectare, plus additional borders reinforcement.

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