Isonet Z (Rodilegno Giallo)
Isonet Z (Rodilegno Giallo)
Isonet Z (Rodilegno Giallo)
Allowed in Organic farming
Isonet Z (Rodilegno Giallo)

Isonet Z (Rodilegno Giallo)

A new approach to controlling Zeuzera pyrina (Leopard moth) and Synanthedon tipuliformis (Currant clearwing moth)

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The Isonet ® Z controlled-release dispenser contains synthetic pheromones that are chemically similar to the natural pheromone produced by Zeuzera pyrina and Synanthedon tipuliformis. The dispenser is composed of two parallel polymer tubes, one of which contains an aluminium wire and enables the positioning of the dispenser in the field and the other filled with a specific pheromone mixture.


Mating disruption success relies on frequent monitoring of the insect population in such a way that, if necessary, prompt action may be taken in order to lower population numbers. Thus monitoring traps should be placed throughout the orchard (and especially at the edges of the area covered) and inspected on a weekly basis throughout the season. If the mating disruption technique is functioning properly, the monitoring traps will collect almost no insects.

Diffuser composed of a single capillary containing:
(E,Z)-2,13-Octadecadienyl acetate
812 g/kg
(E,Z)-3,13-Octadecadienyl acetate
27 g/kg
Total of 66 mg of active substances per diffuser.
Support of inert material


Isonet ®dispensers must be positioned in spring PRIOR to the flight of over wintering generation of insects. The dispensers should be lightly twisted around the branches without being excessively tightened in order to avoid breaking the dispenser. Avoid direct sunlight as it may accelerate the pheromone release.

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