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Checkmate OFM-F - (Cydia Molesta) - FLOW

Checkmate OFM-F - (Cydia Molesta) - FLOW

a genuine technological breakthrough in the fight against Cydia molesta

Apply CheckMate OFM-F in sufficient water for uniform coverage. Do not apply to point of runoff. Apply to foliage directly.

For best results, apply at the time or shortly before oriental fruit moths, macadamia nut borer moths or koa seedworm moths begin to emerge in the spring (biofix), or when the moths are first detected in pheromone traps.

This product only affects male moths and will have no effect on female moths, eggs or larvae. If application occurs following biofix or during the growing season, the orchard must be treated with insecticide treatments that will effectively control hatching larvae until egg laying by previously mated female moths has ceased to occur. In moderate to high insect pressure situations, supplemental insecticide applications during the season can prove necessary to provide adequate protection to developing fruit. These supplemental insecticide applications are to be made based on trap monitoring, field scouting, and appropriate degree-day models for the local growing area and must be timed to control emerging larvae. Monitor for insect infestation with traps and by visual inspection of trees and fruit. Re-apply CheckMate OFM-F as needed, based on monitoring results and field scouting

COMPOSITION: 100 g of product contain :
(Z) – 8 – Dodecen-1-il-acetato
g 21,86 (=214.g/L)
(E) – 8 – Dodecen-1-il-acetato
g 1,47 (=14.4.g/L)
g 0,27 (=2.6. g/L)
Coformulanti q.b.a
g 100


45-50 ml / ha every 14-15 days; in some special cases it is possible to increase the dose up to 100-130 ml / ha by taking longer intervals, up to a maximum of 28-30 days.

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