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Checkmate LB - (Lobesia Botrana) PUFFER

Checkmate LB - (Lobesia Botrana) PUFFER

CheckMate ® Puffer ® LB is a sprayable aqueous suspension of microbead dispensers each encapsulating the synthesized sex pheromone of Lobesia borana. The product is used in agriculture to control populations of this pest via mating disruption.

CheckMate ® Puffer ® LB, which relies on the sexual confusion technique, represents a genuine technological breakthrough in the fight against Lobesia botrana. The PUFFER® technology consists of an aerosol containing the artificial sex pheromone, a protective cabinet, a timer and a hanger. The aerosol which is operated automatically by a timer, and protected by the cabinet, releases the pheromone into the orchard at regular intervals. The pheromone is sprayed at night when moths are in flight.

An average of two-three puffers/ha are positioned in the orchard. Each Puffer releases a 75 m wide (from the orifice) and 250 m long pheromone cloud. The combination of partially-overlapping pheromone clouds allows the grower to protect his entire plot of land.
This active emission system reduces application time (only 20 to 30 minutes/ha), releases a regular amount of pheromone throughout the diffusion period and improves safety by eliminating user contact.

(E,Z)-7,9-dodecadien-1-il acetato
g 9,11
Solvent and propellant qb a
100 g

Average dose: 2-3 puffer / ha

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