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Silicol Diatomaceous Earth - Natural insecticide

Silicol Diatomaceous Earth - Natural insecticide

Silicol is a corroborant produced by SKL, made of Diatomaceous Earth with insecticide action, usable in Biological Agriculture on all crops. Check price, doses, label and safety data sheet.

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Silicol is made of Diatomaceous Earth, an organic silica sedimentary rock composed by seaweed fossilized residues; it contains a percentage of silicium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron and others mineral traces like titanium, boron, manganese and copper. 

Silicol is used as a natural insecticide thanks to its abrasive property. It cuts the insects protective cover, penetrating and hurting their internal parts: this results in their death. Since this is a physical process, insects can’t develop resistance.

Thanks to its mode of action, the effect of Silicol has a very long duration: it is always active until it’s not removed!

In addition to its mechanic abrasive action, Silicol can be used around the walls of mills or empty silos, even added to cereals (before storage) because has a high hygroscopic capacity so it’s used for the local control of humidity.

That’s why Silicol has a natural inhibitory action for both fungal and bacterial pathogens.

Kieselgur (Diatomaceous Earth)
Amorphous silicon dioxide (SiO2)
Aluminium oxide (Al2O3)
Iron oxide (Fe2O3)
As natural insecticide
10-30 Kg/ha as powder or into solution
Around the walls of mills or empty silos 
10-20 g/m2, to apply with powder distributors
Before storage, added to cereals
Silicol can be added to cereals manually or using mechanical methods (powder distributiors). Doses range from to 2 kg/ton

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