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Okyzeol Zeolite powder

Okyzeol Zeolite powder

Okyzeol is a corroborant produced by SKL, made of Zeolite powder usable in Biological Agriculture on all crops. Check price, doses, label and safety data sheet.

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Okyzeol is made of Zeolite (cabasite); in agriculture and floriculture, it essentially works like a sponge, coating leaf surface with a thin and uniform layer of dust.

Okyzeol allows to:

  • Absorb reversibly great amount of water: the special crystalline structure of Zeolite, composed of canals and cavities, retains water molecules and it’s also able to give it back through a light heating. In this way it regulates plant humidity.

  • Inhibit spores and hyphae presents on the surface of plant or fruits: Botrytis cinerea is a danger for grapevine during all vegetatives phases, but it delvelops only in certain conditions of moisture. Zeolite’s ability to absorb a great amount of water is suited to create a hostile environment to fungal proliferation.

  • Absorb toxic substances if presents on plants: lead, cadmium, cesium, strontium, pesticide, nitrosamines, mycotoxine.
Silicon oxide(SiO2)
Aluminium oxide (Al2O3)
Potassium oxide (K2O)
Calcium oxide (CaO)
Magnesium oxide (MgO)
Iron oxide (Fe2O3)
Titanium oxide(TiO2)
Powder treatments
Use 6 - 8 kg/ha of product for each treatment, ideally combined with sulphur or bentonite.
Treatment with water
Use 3 - 5 kg/ha of product in water, or as an adjunt to fertilizers or plant protection products. Repeat 2-3 times
Soil treatments
Use 200 - 500 g/m2  directly to soil or on growing media.

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