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Oky Gold Wetting and tackifier agent

Oky Gold Wetting and tackifier agent

Oky Gold Wetting and tackifier agent for Biological Agriculture. Check price, doses, label and safety data sheet.

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Oky Gold is the result of a chemical reaction between hydroxide and specific vegetable origin fatty acids, which are the main constituents of this product.

Like other soaps, Oky Gold is a surfactant, it can solubilize non-polar organic substances in water, just like fat substances. This property is also used in agriculture as adjuvant in crops protection for several reasons:

  • Combined with plant protection products, it works as a wetting and tackifier agent; it favours the homogeneous diffusion of the active ingredients through the mixtures and the more complete coverage of the treated surface.
  • It enhances plant natural defences against insects and parasitic fungi: its use, in a preventive strategy, reduces the risk of laying and hatching of insect eggs if present on the plants. Oky Gold also dissolves the waxy protective coatings of insects; this important action results in an easier devitalization of insects by atmospheric agents.
  • It dissolves organic exudates (honeydew) produced by sucking insects such as Aphids, Psylla, Metcalfa pruinosa, Mealybugs and Whiteflies. It prevents the formation of Sooty molds, preventing the attacks of fungi, which find in this sugar-rich sticky liquid secretion an important source of nutrients.
Saponified fatty acids (C10-C18)
Strengthening - Enhancer of plant defenses
CropsDoses (g/hl)
Fruit trees
400-600 g/hl
Horticultural crops
300-400 g/hl
300-500 g/hl
Macro - tunnel
300-400 g/hl
Floral, ornamental crops
200-400 g/hl
Winter treatments
500-800 g/hl
Vegetative treatments
do not exceed the dose of:
500 g/hl

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