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Solution of mono / polysaccharides and algae

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BRIX ° is a complementary product to be used in the fruit ripening phase as a sugary inducer and maturation accelerator. BRIX ° is a product based on glucose, triose complex sugars, tetrosis, pentoses, hexoses, etc. to which are added complex organic sources based on amino acid. BRIX ° represents an advanced product of energy metabolism and is therefore a high source of energy with very high availability. This energy contribution is decisive and strategic in particular phenological phases of the biological cycle of the plants in production such as: growth, flowering, fruit enlargement, but especially during the maturation and production of sugars, especially important in wine and table grapes, drupaceous, pomaceous and also in oil olives where, increases in yields in oil are found. ATTENTION: AVOID MIXTURES WITH COMPOUNDS WITH A SPARKLED ALKALINE REACTION, OIL-BASED INSECTICIDES, POLYESULPHURES, COMPOSITE BASED ON SULFUR, POND AND COPPER (TO ACCEPT OLIVE TREATMENT WHERE CAN BE ASSOCIATED WITH COPPER). The foliar treatments must be carried out during the coolest hours of the day. Do not mix directly with alkaline reaction formulations.


Total dry matter 10%
Total carbon on the dry 12%
Glucose & polysaccharides 50%



Sostanza secca totale
Carbonio (C) totale sul secco
Glucosio & Polisaccaridi
Su tutte le colture in applicazione fogliare
250-400 gr/100 litri d'acqua


Evitare miscele con composti a spiccata reazione alcalina, insetticidi a base oleosa, polisolfuri, composi a base di zolfo, stagno e rame

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