Trichogramma achaeae (Trichox A)
Trichogramma achaeae (Trichox A)
Trichogramma achaeae (Trichox A)
Trichogramma achaeae (Trichox A)
Allowed in Organic farming
Trichogramma achaeae (Trichox A)

Trichogramma achaeae (Trichox A)

Biological control of Tuta absoluta

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The tomato leafminer, better defined as Tuta absoluta, is a serious pest that causes direct and indirect damage to tomato crops either in open field or under shelter, and it is certainly one of the most feared adversity of tomato, in order to deserve the name of “tomato leafminer”.

Our solution

The hymenoptera Trichogramma achaeae is a little insect parasitoid. Females lay one or more own eggs in the egg of Tuta absoluta, the host insect.
The larvae pupate inside the host egg. The larvae once hatch from the eggs, feeds off and attack the embryos of the eggs of Ostrinia nubilalis from within (endoparasitism), destroying them.
After 10 days of nutrition and development, the adult of Trichogramma achaeae emerges from the host egg and start searching his own kind of the opposite gender to mate; so it starts searching new eggs of Tuta absoluta in which its eggs lay.

Trichox A is available in capsules containing 2200 samples: 

First generation (G1)
150 capsules per hectar
Second generation (G2)
200 capsules per hectar

To be used after monitoring with pheromone traps.

How to distribute tricox A:

The distribution of Trichox A takes place by a dispenser or by capsules of cellulose which contains around 2800 eggs, ready to hatch, placed manually or distribuited by drones on the surfaces of tomato involved to the treatment.

Average dose:  

  • 100-150 capsules per hectare (open field)
  • 30-40 capsules per m2 (green house)

Each female is able to parasitize from 30 to 50 eggs a day, and can infest during her short life around 300-350 eggs of Tuta absoluta, but every generation is able to parasitize others, creating a ripple effect. Thanks to these continuous cycles the presence of the insect is guaranteed since there are eggs ready to be parasitized.

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