Stethorus punctillum
Stethorus punctillum
Stethorus punctillum
Stethorus punctillum
Allowed in Organic farming
Stethorus punctillum

Stethorus punctillum

Indicato per la lotta al Ragnetto Rosso

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Entombopredatore coccinellide beetle small, 1 - 1, $ 1 mm, covered with fine hair, black. Important and typical predator of our regions, it is used specifically in orchards, ornamental plants and vegetables . Predator activity takes place mainly against mites which, especially in the absence of chemical treatments, successfully controls.

Controlled adversities:

  • Two-colored red spider
  • Spider myrtle
  • Red and yellow spider mite of the fruit trees
  • Yellow spider mite of the Vine
  • Yellow spider lily

The eggs, of a small size, have a whitish color, are laid separately near the mite colonies. The larvae have an elongated shape and are yellowish-white in color, the adult emerges through four larval stages in about 12-14 days, and a pupal stage lasting from 5 to 7 days, depending on the climate and the availability of food.

Stethorus punctillum is two to four generations a year; winters in the leaves and under the barks of various plants. It is an effective predator of all stages of development of the red spider mite and the vine (Panonychus ulmi) and the red spider mite (Tetranychus urticae). It is able to eliminate a large number of phytophages in a short time.

Stethorus punctillum controlla:

  • Ragno rosso bimaculato
  • Ragnetto delle Drupacee
  • Ragnetto rosso e giallo dei Fruttiferi
  • Ragnetto giallo della Vite
  • Ragnetto giallo del Tiglio

Lo Stethorus punctillum compie da due a quattro generazioni all’anno; sverna tra le foglie e sotto le cortecce di varie piante. 

È un efficace predatore di tutti gli stadi di sviluppo del ragnetto rosso del melo e della vite (Panonychus ulmi) e del ragnetto rosso delle serre (Tetranychus urticae). E’ in grado di eliminare un ingente numero di fitofagi in poco tempo.

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