Chrysoperla carnea
Chrysoperla carnea
Chrysoperla carnea
Chrysoperla carnea
Allowed in Organic farming
Chrysoperla carnea

Chrysoperla carnea

Predatore di numerose specie di afidi

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Entomopredatore, at the larval stage, belonging to the order of Neurotteri , plays a role of great interest in programs of biological control against aphids , above all, present on vegetables (pepper, strawberry, potato, eggplant), ornamental plants , flowers and other crops . Adult insects are characterized by a uniform green straw-colored livery.

Controlled adversities:

  • Aphids, Macrosiphum and Myzus (primary target)
  • Mites
  • Lepidoptera eggs
  • Thrips
  • Scale insects
  • White flies
  • Various beetles
  • psyllids

The Chrysoperla carnea turns out to be a valid means of biological control on crops with poor vegetative development and exclusively in the three larval stages, characterized by a pungent-sucking mouthpiece, the larvae of the very greedy neurocide attack the chosen victim, they extract the contents and thus bring it to death.

On the other hand, adults, once they have completed the development starting from the pupa, show a different trophic regime preferring pollen, nectar and other sugary substances and therefore they do not contribute in any way to the control of the phytophages.

Chrysoperla carnea controllate:

  • Afidi, Macrosiphum e Myzus (bersaglio primario)
  • Acari
  • Uova di lepidotteri
  • Tripidi
  • Cocciniglie
  • Mosche bianche
  • Coleotteri vari
  • Psille 

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