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Aphidius colemani

Aphidius colemani

Imenottero braconide parassitoide per la lotta agli Afidi

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Hymenoptera parasitic brachonide used in biological control programs on flower and vegetable crops (for example zucchini, cucumbers, watermelons, melons, hibiscus, peppers, aubergines, peach etc.) against aphidic infestations . The adult of Aphidius colemani has a blackish and tapered body, long antennae and measures approximately 2 mm.

Controlled adversities:

  • Aphis gossypii (aphid of cotton and melon)
  • Myzus persicae (potato and peach aphid)

Aphidius colemani is an endophagous parasitoid, the females, endowed with a high research capacity, identify the aphid and lay an egg inside it, curving the abdomen in a characteristic way; consequently the parasitized aphid, which does not die immediately, is first slowly emptied and then swells gradually turning into a "mummy" with a typical light brown color and paper consistency.

The adult of the Aphidius erupts through a round opening behind the mummy. The action of the parasitoid is particularly effective in cases where infestations of aphids are in an initial phase.

Aphidius colemani controlla:

  • Aphis gossypii (afide del cotone e del melone)
  • Myzus persicae (afide della patata e del pesco)

L’adulto dell’ Aphidius erompe attraverso un’ apertura rotondeggiante posta dietro la mummia. 

L’azione del parassitoide risulta particolarmente efficace nel caso in cui  le infestazioni di afidi sono in una fase iniziale.

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