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Orius majusculus
Orius majusculus
Orius majusculus
Allowed in Organic farming
Orius majusculus

Orius majusculus

Antocoride predatore per il controllo dei tripidi

Predator antagonist biocontrol agent of thrips on vegetables such as cucumber, aubergine and others, $ 1onché on ornamental plants (roses).

Controlled adversities:

  • Tripidi (primary target)
  • Aphids
  • Mites

Orius majusculus is a small and extremely effective and voracious insect against thrips. The adults prey on all the mobile stages of the thrips, while the nymphs prefer larval forms. It is also a valid aid for the control of aphids.

It colonizes not only flowers but also other portions of the plant like the leaves.

It turns out to be a valid instrument of biological control because it has a typical tendency to devour more prey than strictly necessary for its feeding. It is not suitable for winter launches but, only from spring onwards, $ 1 is mostly used in the northern regions.

Orius majusculus controlla:

  • Tripidi (bersaglio primario)
  • Afidi
  • Acari

Risulta essere un valido strumento di controllo biologico poiché ha una tipica tendenza a divorare più prede di quanto strettamente necessario per la sua alimentazione.  

Non è adatto per lanci invernali ma, solo dalla primavera in poi,  è maggiormente impiegato nelle regioni settentrionali.

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