Allowed in Organic farming
Ophyra aenescens

Ophyra aenescens

Dittero per la lotta alle mosche

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Diptera similar to a domestic fly but smaller and shiny black that lays its eggs in organic substrates frequented by flies , first of all animal dejections. It is used in zootechnical breeding.

Controlled adversities:

  • Flies

Ophyra aenescens is a voracious predator of domestic fly larvae (Musca domestica) present in animal farms. Each female of Ophyra lays up to 300 eggs in the course of her life that lasts 2-3 weeks; the biological cycle from egg to adult takes place in about 14 days at 27 ° C.

In open stalls, it is recommended to use it from March to October, in the stalls closed all year (the minimum temperature above which this ditter is an efficient predator is 18 ° C). Unlike other flies, Ophyra's adults tend to stay on the manure and on obscured sites, and stay at ground level without getting on the animals, fly without emitting noisy buzzes, do not aggregate in swarms, and tend to stay nearby of the stables without dispersing in the vicinity of zootechnical breeding. The use of useful insects is ideal in biological farms, where the use of chemical insecticides is not permitted, but it is also successfully applied in conventional ones.

Ophyra aenescens controlla:

  • Mosche

Nelle stalle aperte se ne consiglia l’utilizzo a partire da marzo fino ad ottobre, nelle stalle chiuse tutto l’anno ( la temperatura minima al di sopra della quale questo dittero è un efficente predatore è 18°C). 

Al contrario delle altre mosche, gli adulti di Ophyra tendono a stazionare sul letame e su siti oscurati, e restano all’altezza del suolo senza portarsi sugli animali, vola senza emettere ronzii rumorosi, non si aggrega in sciami, e tende a restare nei paraggi delle stalle senza disperdersi nei dintorni degli allevamenti zootecnici. 

L’impiego di insetti utili è ideale negli allevamenti biologici, laddove non è consentito l’uso di insetticidi chimici, ma viene applicato con successo anche in quelli convenzionali. 

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