Spalangia cameroni
Spalangia cameroni
Spalangia cameroni
Spalangia cameroni
Allowed in Organic farming
Spalangia cameroni

Spalangia cameroni

Piccolo imenottero per il controllo delle mosche

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Small hymenoptera that develops as a parasitoid inside the fly pupae where the adult female lays its eggs. It is used in biological control programs for the livestock sector when health and health needs require innovative strategies and tools.

Controlled adversities:

  • Flies

Spalangia cameroni is a small insect (from 2, $ 1 to 3 mm) and its life cycle is completed, at 26 ° C, in about 25 days. It is a solitary parasitoid and therefore from a single parasitized fly pup originates only one adult who emerges by practicing a small hole in the pupa of the affected fly, the life cycle of the fly will thus be interrupted.

Spalangia cameroni is a cosmopolitan species widespread in our environments and, even if its cycle is slower, once installed it is able to carry through many cycles of parasitization.

It is advisable to evaluate its introduction in cattle and equine breeding in Nasonia vitripennis based control programs to combine the advantages of the latter with the ability to search and adapt to the different habitats and most typical guests of Spalangia.

It is introduced in the farms from early spring (March-April) twice a week overlapping the launches to those of Nasonia throughout the hot season.

Spalangia cameroni controlla:

  • Mosche

Si consiglia di valutare la sua introduzione negli allevamenti bovini ed equini nei programmi di controllo basati su Nasonia vitripennis per coniugare i vantaggi di quest’ultima con la capacità di ricerca e di adattamento ai diversi habitat ed ospiti più tipici di Spalangia.

Si introduce negli allevamenti già da inizio primavera (Marzo-Aprile) con cadenza bisettimanale sovrapponendo i lanci a quelli di Nasonia per tutta la stagione calda.

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