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Amblyseius cucumeris

Amblyseius cucumeris

Fitoseide predatore per il controllo dei tripidi

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Predatory phytoseid used to control thrips on various horticultural and ornamental crops .

Controlled adversities:

  • Frankliniella occidentalis (primary target)
  • Thrips tabaci (primary target)
  • Mites

Amblyseius Cucumeris is a predator that feeds on a wide range of small arthropods. It is mainly used for control of thrips, in particular Frankliniella occidentalis, $ 1ma can also be used against mites.

Amblyseius cucumeris is small, the body is piriform and hyaline color, it is very mobile and can also use other sources of food, including pollen, which research actively exploring the plant.

Mainly it feeds on small larvae of thrips and can not attack the adult forms. In order to obtain the best results it is necessary to have as many phytoses as possible in order to stop the thrips already in the larval phase. The optimal use is that in early introduction programs, even before the visible presence of the thrips, aiming at the predator's settlement capacity even in the absence of prey.

Amblyseius Cucumeris controlla:

  • Frankliniella occidentalis (bersaglio primario)
  • Thrips tabaci (bersaglio primario)
  • Acari

Per ottenere i migliori risultati è necessario avere più fitoseidi possibile in modo tale da arrestare i tripidi già nella fase larvale. L’utilizzo ottimale è quello in programmi di introduzione precoce, anche prima della presenza visibile dei tripidi puntando sulla capacità di insediamento del predatore anche in assenza di prede.

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