Folpec 80 WG
Folpec 80 WG
Folpec 80 WG

Folpec 80 WG

Antiperonosporic contact fungicide for vine and tomato defense in water-dispersible micro-granules

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• Multi-purpose fungicide with preventive action with three different mechanisms of action on the fungus: inhibition of respiration, action on cell division and interference with membrane permeability.

• Multipurpose activity on Mildew, Escoriosi and Botrite. It also has a collective activity on Oidium and Black Marciume.

• Formulation in water-dispersible micro-granules (WG) guarantees absence of dustiness, perfect solubility and mixability in cask.


folpet 80%
Formulation Water-dispersible granules (WG)
Toxicological classes
Producer Sapec Agro


• Ideal partner of systemic or cytotropic-translaminar fungicides thanks to the ability to protect the existing vegetation at the time of treatment.

• Very indicated within anti-resistance strategies by virtue of the multi-site action

• Posted since 2015 in most of the integrated production regulations of the vine.

• Superior contact activity compared to fungicides with similar action (Mancozeb, Copper)

• Excellent protection of the cluster of grapevine from downy mildew and Botrite

• Complete protection of the plant and tomato berries

100 g di prodotto contengono
Folpet puro
g 80
Coformulanti q.b. a
g 100
(Uva da vino)
Peronospora, Escoriosi, Marciume nero, Muffa grigia
150-750 g/hl (1,5 kg/ha) a seconda del volume impiegato
Pomodoro in campo

Alternariosi, Cladosporiosi, Colletotrichum, Septoriosi e Muffa grigia
150 g/hl (1,5 kg/ha)
Pomodoro in serra
200g /hl (2 kg/ha)

Intervallo di sicurezza: sospendere i trattamenti 28 giorni prima per vite da vino; 7 giorni per pomodoro.

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