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Bellis drupacee

Bellis drupacee

Fungicida indicated for the fight against Cladosporiosis, the Moniliosis and the Oidium of apricot, cherry, nectarine, peach and plum

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2 .5 Kg

BELLIS® DRUPACEE is a broad-spectrum action fungicide licensed on Apricot , Cherry , Nectarine , Peach and Susino .

The association of Boscalid and Pyraclostrobin makes BELLIS® DRUPACEE suitable for the control of Cladosporiosis , Monilia and Oidium .

Both active substances are characterized by translaminar activity. This guarantees the ready absorption of the formulation in the tissues of the plant.

BELLIS® DRUPACEE is provided with an intrinsic anti-resistance strategy as the two active ingredients act on two different sites of mitochondrial respiration. However, it is recommended to use it alternately with products with a different mechanism of action.

100 g of product contain:
Pure Boscalid
g 26, 7
Pure piraclostrobin
g 6, 7
Coformulants to taste
g 100
ColturaDosi (g/hl)N° appl.
Albicocco60 - 753
Ciliegio60 - 753
Pesco60 - 753
Susino60 - 753

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