Lieto SC
Lieto SC
Lieto SC
Lieto SC

Lieto SC

Cytotropic and contact fungicide for the control of peronospora on vines and tobacco and of downy and alternate on tomato and potato.

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LIETO SC is the new anti-peronosporic fungicide based on cimoxanil (with cytotropic and translaminar action) and zoxamide (which acts by contact). LIETO SC tenaciously covers plant supercifiers and penetrates rapidly into tissues, resisting leaching.

On vine LIETO SC is particularly indicated for the protection of the cluster from the downy mildew, providing at the same time an antibotritic collateral activity. On tobacco LIETO SC is effective on downy mildew, on tomato and potato on downy mildew and alternating, with a side effect on tomato botrytis.

The product contains two active substances effective against the peronospore of various crops: Cimoxanil , fungicide with cytotropic action, translaminar which acts by contact on the germination zoospores and penetrating the plant tissues is also able to control the mycelium in the very early stages of development.

Zoxamide , an active substance that acts by contact, with a high affinity with cuticular waxes, thus guaranteeing considerable resistance to washout; these characteristics make it particularly active for the protection of bunches and fruits.

Pure Cimoxanil
g. 2, 5 (= 29, 4 g / L)
Pure Zoxamide
g. 3, 2 (= 37, 6 g / L)
Coformulants and aggregates: just enough
g. 100
VitePlasmopara viticola
450 ml/hl (4-4,5 l/ha)
PomodoroPhytophtora infestans e Alternaria solani
450 ml/hl (4-4,5 l/ha)
PatataPhytophtora infestans e Alternaria solani
450 ml/hl (4-4,5 l/ha)
TabaccoPhytophtora infestans
450 ml/hl (4-4,5 l/ha)

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