Vitene R WG
Vitene R WG
Vitene R WG
Vitene R WG

Vitene R WG

Cytotropic and contact fungicide for control of downy mildew and other diseases

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VITENE R WG is an organic fungicide formulated in water-dispersible granules effective against: Downy mildew, Gray mold (secondary action of copper), Alternaria, Bacterial, Anthracnose, Septoria.

Its activity is of contact and penetration on the germinating spores, endotherapic on the mycelium in the very first stages of development, preventive, curative and antisporulant against the mushrooms of the peronosporaceae family.

100 grams of product contain:
Copper (in the form of Bordeaux mixture)
g 20
Pure cymoxanil
g 4
Coformulants qb a
100 g
(da vino e da tavola)
Peronospora (azione secondaria su muffa grigia)
3-3,5 Kg/ha (300-350 g/hl)
da germogliamento e la chiusura del grappolo
PomodoroPeronospora, Alternaria, Batteriosi, Antracnosi, Septoria
300-350 g/hl
(solo in pieno campo)
Spinacio, Melone, Zucchino
Peronospora, Batteriosi
300-350 g/hl
Aglio, CipollaPeronospora, Alternaria, Batteriosi, Antracnosi
300-350 g/hl
PiselloPeronospora, Batteriosi, Antracnosi
300-350 g/hl
TabaccoPeronospora, Alternaria, Batteriosi, Antracnosi
300-350 g/hl
RosaPeronospora, Batteriosi
300-350 g/hl

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