Enovit Metil FL Fungicida
Enovit Metil FL Fungicida
Enovit Metil FL Fungicida
Enovit Metil FL Fungicida

Enovit Metil FL Fungicida

Enovit Metil FL è un fungicida Sipcam con principio attivo Tiofanate metile, per trattamenti contro Botrite, Monilia, Marciumi, Fusarium, etc. Consulta prezzo, dosi in etichetta, scheda tecnica e scheda di sicurezza.

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ENOVIT METIL FL is a broad spectrum action fungicide, with marked system and preventive and curative action. The new formulation and label allow its use on a large number of crops and in fertigation applications

Method of use

The product must be used at the following doses per 100 liters of water, respecting the expected doses per hectare. To avoid the onset of resistance, do not apply more than 3 treatments a year with Enovit Metil FL in fertigation, more than 2 treatments per year on pome fruits and peaches for autumn-winter operations against ramial cancers, and no more than 1 time a year for all other uses provided on the label. However, alternating use with products characterized by a different mechanism of action is recommended.

Thiophanate methyl (*) pure
g. 41.7 (500 g / lt)
Adjuvants and solvents: enough to
g. 100
(*) active substance orig. Nippon Soda Co. Ltd. (Tokyo - Japan)
ColturaDosiN° appl.
Albicocco90 - 110 ml/hl1
Barbabietola da zucchero1.5 l/ha1
Ciliegio90 - 110 ml/hl1
Cocomero (anguria)1.7 - 140 l/ha3
Colza250 - 300 ml/hl1
Fagiolo150 - 200 ml/hl1
Frumento250 - 300 ml/hl1
Melanzana1.7 - 200 ml/hl3
Melo90 - 110 ml/hl2
Melone1.7 - 140 l/ha3
Nocciolo150 - 175 ml/hl1
Orzo250 - 300 ml/hl1
Pero90 - 110 ml/hl2
Pesco90 - 110 ml/hl2
Pisello150 - 200 ml/hl1
Pomodoro1.7 - 200 ml/hl3
Susino90 - 110 ml/hl1
Vite ad uva da vino220 - 300 ml/hl1

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