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Folpan 80 WDG

Folpan 80 WDG

Contact fungicide - anti-peronosporic

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1 Kg 5 Kg

Folpan 80 WDG is an organic fungicide for the defense of vines, strawberries, tomatoes and melons with preventive activity mainly of contact with high persistence of action. Among the "cover" products it is the one that guarantees the greatest resistance to the rain wash effect. On vine it is particularly active against the Mildew and is the most effective covering product against the Escoriosi. Folpan 80 WDG also exercises good control over Botrite and Carie Bianca.

Vite da vino e da tavola
Escoriosi, Marciume Nero
200 g/hl
(2 kg/ha)
Peronospora, azione collaterale su Botrite, Oidio, Marciumi secondari
125 - 150 g/hl
(1,25 - 1,5 kg/ha)
Carie Bianca (in genere indotta da una grandinata)
160 - 180 g/hl
(1,6 - 1,8 kg/ha)
(anche in serra)
Peronospora, Alternaria, Cladosporiosi, Septoria, Botrite
150 g/hl
Floreali e ornamentali
Botrite, Fitoftora, Marciumi radicali e basali
200 - 300 g/hl
(2 - 3 kg/ha)

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