Karathane Star fungicida

Karathane Star fungicida

Karathane Star è un fungicida a base di Meptyldinocap contro l'Oidio. Consulta le dosi in etichetta, scheda tecnica e scheda di sicurezza.

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Karathane Star is a new anti-mice fungicide based on meptyldinocap. Meptyldinocap acts by contact and is characterized by a preventive, curative and above all eradicating action against oidium. Meptyldinocap is a new active substance belonging to the Dinitrophenols chemical family. Meptyldinocap is active in all life stages of the pathogen. It is a preventive, curative and eradicating fungicide: 1) inhibits cellular respiration (decoupling of oxidative phosphorylation); 2) alters the proton gradient within the mitochondrion compromising cellular metabolism (site of non-specific action).

ColturaDosi (ml/hl)N° appl.
Cetriolo40 - 603
Cocomero (anguria)40 - 603
Fragola40 - 603
Melone40 - 603
Vite40 - 604
Zucchino40 - 603

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