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Thiopron è un fungicida UPL a base di Zolfo, contro Oidio e Ticchiolatura al miglior prezzo. Consulta le dosi in etichetta, scheda tecnica e scheda di sicurezza.

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THIOPRON® is a sulfur-based fungicide in a liquid formulation with specific adjuvants that make it extremely resistant to leaching.

It manifests an excellent effectiveness in the control of the oidium on a varied number of crops.
THIOPRON® is also approved for the fight against the Erythidae on the cultivation of the core.

ColturaDosiN° appl.
Barbabietola da zucchero8 - 10 l/ha0
Cereali8 l/ha0
Drupacee600 - 1000 ml/hl0
Nespolo350 ml/hl0
Nocciolo800 - 1200 ml/hl0
Ortaggi e industriali500 ml/hl0
Pomacee200 - 800 ml/hl0
Pomodoro500 ml/hl0
Vite300 - 1200 ml/hl0

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