AQ 10 WG fungicida bio
AQ 10 WG fungicida bio
AQ 10 WG fungicida bio
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AQ 10 WG fungicida bio

AQ 10 WG fungicida bio

AQ 10 WG è un fungicida Biogard ammesso in Agricoltura Biologica a base di Ampelomyces quisqualis, contro muffa della vite (Oidio) al miglior prezzo. Scopri etichetta, scheda tecnica e scheda di sicurezza.

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AQ10 WG is a microbiological fungicide based on the antagonist fungus Ampelomyces quisqualis for the biological control of oidium.
It is a micro-organism commonly found in nature that lives at the expense of all the oidii belonging to the Erysiphacee family.
The original stock which acts as an active ingredient in the commercial formulation has been isolated in Israel and is not genetically modified.

AQ10WG is the first microbiological fungicide for the control of oidium registered on the world market.
The micro-organism can be stored at room temperature
for at least 12 months (up to 2 years in the refrigerator).

How AQ 10 WG works

The spores of Ampelomyces quisqualis that are distributed with the treatment, once in contact with the host mycelium, germinate and give rise to a tube that penetrates into the mycelium mycelium.

100 grams of product contain:
Ampelomyces quisqualis   (isolated M-10)
g 58 *
Coformulants to taste
g 100
* Contains not less than 5, 0 x 10 9 spores / g
ColturaDosi (g/ha)N° appl.
Cetriolo35 - 704
Cocomero (anguria)35 - 704
Fragola35 - 704
Melanzana35 - 704
Melone35 - 704
Peperone35 - 704
Pomodoro35 - 704
Vite ad uva da tavola35 - 7012
Vite ad uva da vino35 - 7012
Zucca35 - 704
Zucchino35 - 704

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