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Cuprofix C Disperss

Cuprofix C Disperss

Fungicide in hydrodispersible granules.

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CUPROFIX ® C DISPERSS ® is an organic fungicide formulated in water-dispersible granules effective against: Downy mildew, Gray mold (secondary action of copper), Alternaria, Bacterial, Anthracnose, Septoria. Its activity is of contact and penetration on the spore germinanti, endotherapica on the mycelium in the very first stages of development, preventive, curative and antisporulente towards the mushrooms of the family of the peronosporacee.


SCREW (from wine and table) against the Mildew, gray mold (secondary action of copper): use at a dose of 3 - 3, $ 1 kg / ha. For volumes of spraying greater than 10 hl / ha maintain the dose of 300 - 350 g / hl.

CUPROFIX®C DISPERSS® can be applied for the control of downy mildew in the phenological phases between budding and clusters according to two types of calendar: fight at regular intervals: intervening in critical phenological phases, distancing the applications by 8-10 days; guided fight: applications must be carried out according to a "preventive" criterion or, when this is not possible, according to a "curative" criterion, intervening in this case, however, within 1-2 days. from the infecting rain.

The application of this method will be based on the availability of a system for detecting peronosporic infections by means of microclimatic control units in the company or on the presence of district reporting services for infections and meteorological forecasts.

TOMATO against: Mildew, Alternaria, Bacterial, Anthracnose, Septoria use at a dose of 300-350 g / hl;
POTATO VERSUS : Downy mildew, Alternaria, Bacterial, Anthracnose, Septoria use at the maximum dose of 300 g / hl;
LETTUCE (full field), SPINACH, MELON, ZUCCHINO against: Downy mildew, Bacteriosis use at a dose of 300- 350 g / hl;
GARLIC , ONION against: Downy mildew, Alternaria, Bacteriosis, Anthracnose use at a dose of 300 - 350 g / hl;
PISELLO against: Downy mildew, Anthracnose, Bacteriosis use at a dose of 300 - 350 g / hl;
TOBACCO against: Mildew, Alternaria, Bacterial, Anthracnose use at a dose of 300 - 350 g / hl;
ROSA against: Downy mildew, Bacteriosis use at a dose of 300 - 350 g / hl.

100 grams of product contain:
Copper (in the form of Bordeaux mixture)
g 20
Pure cymoxanil
g 4
Coformulants qb a
100 g
ColturaDosiN° appl.
Aglio300 - 350 g/hl0
Carciofo300 - 350 g/hl0
Cipolla300 - 350 g/hl0
Girasole300 - 400 g/hl0
Lattuga300 - 350 g/hl0
Melone300 - 350 g/hl0
Patata300 - 350 g/hl0
Pisello300 - 350 g/hl0
Pomodoro300 - 350 g/hl0
Porro300 - 350 g/hl0
Soia300 - 400 g/hl0
Spinacio300 - 350 g/hl0
Tabacco300 - 350 g/hl0
Vite3 - 3.5 kg/ha0
Zucchino300 - 350 g/hl0

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