Penncozeb DG

Penncozeb DG

Penncozeb DG è un fungicida UPL a base di Mancozeb puro, contro la Peronospora della vite al miglior prezzo. Consulta le dosi in etichetta, scheda tecnica e scheda di sicurezza.

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PENNCOZEB ® DG , thanks to the multi-site action, prevents the emergence of resistance phenomena and is therefore a cornerstone of fungicidal defense.

It is also an essential partner for impromptu mixtures with other systemic and citropic fungicides.

The DG formulation makes the product easy to use and stable in any environmental situation. No dust, excellent dispersibility and suspensibility complete the characteristics

100 grams of product contain:
75 g
Coformulants qb a
100 g
Contains: hexamethylenetetramine
ColturaDosiN° appl.
Aglio210 g/hl4
Albicocco210 g/hl4
Arancio320 g/hl1
Asparago2.1 kg/ha4
Barbabietola da foraggio2.1 kg/ha3
Barbabietola da zucchero2.1 kg/ha3
Carota210 g/hl4
Cavolfiore210 g/hl4
Cavolo broccolo210 g/hl4
Cetriolo210 g/hl4
Ciliegio210 g/hl4
Cipolla210 g/hl4
Clementino320 g/hl1
Cocomero (anguria)210 g/hl4
Fagiolo210 g/hl2
Frumento2.1 kg/ha2
Lattuga210 g/hl2
Limetta320 g/hl1
Limone320 g/hl1
Mandarino320 g/hl1
Melanzana210 g/hl5
Melo150 - 250 g/hl2
Melone210 g/hl4
Noce210 g/hl4
Olivo (olive da olio)260 - 320 g/hl1
Olivo (olive da tavola)260 - 320 g/hl1
Patata210 g/hl8
Peperone210 g/hl4
Pero150 - 250 g/hl2
Pesco210 g/hl4
Pisello210 g/hl1
Pomodoro150 - 210 g/hl5
Susino210 g/hl4
Vite ad uva da tavola200 - 250 g/hl4
Vite ad uva da vino200 - 250 g/hl6
Zucchino210 g/hl4

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