Insecticide with selective ovolarvicidal action for the defense of fruit, horticultural and vine crops

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GLADIATOR ™ is a specific insecticide for the fight against the most important Lepidoptera of the fruit, horticultural and vine crops.

Resistant to leaching and is not influenced by temperatures, acts by ingestion inducing a premature change of larvae, with lethal consequences for the insect (MAC).

Moreover, being highly selective towards useful insects and predatory mites, with a favorable toxicological profile and a short deficiency interval, GLADIATOR ™ is the ideal product for a modern crop defense.

Pure methoxyfenozide 22.5 g (240 g / l)
Coformulants to taste
g. 100
Contains: 1, 2-benzisothiazolin-3-one
ColturaDosiN° appl.
Albicocco50 ml/hl2
Arancio40 l/ha2
Barbarea50 - 60 ml/hl1
Clementino40 l/ha2
Cotogno40 ml/hl3
Dolcetta50 - 60 ml/hl1
Erbe fresche50 - 60 ml/hl1
Foglie e germogli di Brassica spp.50 - 60 ml/hl1
Lattuga50 - 60 ml/hl1
Mandarino40 l/ha2
Melanzana50 - 60 ml/hl2
Melo40 ml/hl3
Nashi40 ml/hl3
Nespolo40 ml/hl3
Nespolo del Giappone40 ml/hl3
Peperone50 - 60 ml/hl2
Pero40 ml/hl3
Pesco50 ml/hl2
Pomodoro50 - 60 ml/hl2
Rucola50 - 60 ml/hl1
Senape juncea50 - 60 ml/hl1
Spinaci e simili50 - 60 ml/hl1
Vite ad uva da tavola30 - 40 ml/hl3
Vite ad uva da vino30 - 40 ml/hl3

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