Aids in fast-acting water-dispersible granules

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1 Kg

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PIRIMOR 17, $ 1 is effective against all species of aphids. It quickly expounds its effect with vapor action and translaminar.

At the recommended doses it is not dangerous for predators of aphids.

Preparation of the solution of use:

Fill the barrel with the minimum amount of water needed to run the pump and the agitator. Operate the agitator at maximum speed. Pour the necessary amount of product into the barrel while keeping the agitator running, then complete the filling with water.

100 g of product contain:
Pure pirimicarb
g 17, 5
adjuvants and inert materials a
g 100
ColturaDosiN° appl.
Aglio280 g/hl2
Albicocco150 - 200 g/hl1
Asparago280 g/hl1
Avena0.75 kg/ha2
Barbaforte/rafano/cren280 g/hl1
Bietola (rossa, da orto)280 g/hl1
Carciofo280 g/hl2
Carota280 g/hl1
Cetriolo230 - 280 g/hl2
Ciliegio150 - 200 g/hl1
Cipolla280 g/hl2
Cocomero (anguria)230 - 280 g/hl2
Colza1.4 kg/ha2
Fagiolino280 g/hl1
Fagiolo280 g/hl1
Foglie di sedano1.4 kg/ha2
Fragola230 - 280 g/hl2
Frumento0.75 kg/ha2
Girasole1.4 kg/ha2
Lattughe e insalate1.4 - 280 g/hl2
Lino1.4 kg/ha2
Mais1.15 kg/ha2
Mais dolce1.15 kg/ha2
Melanzana230 - 280 g/hl2
Melone230 - 280 g/hl2
Orzo0.75 kg/ha2
Patata1.4 kg/ha2
Peperone230 - 280 g/hl2
Pesco150 - 200 g/hl1
Pisello280 g/hl1
Pisello mangiatutto280 g/hl1
Pomacee150 - 200 g/hl1
Pomodoro230 - 280 g/hl2
Prezzemolo1.4 kg/ha2
Prezzemolo a grossa radice280 g/hl1
Rapa280 g/hl1
Rutabaga280 g/hl1
Segale0.75 kg/ha2
Sorgo1.15 kg/ha2
Susino150 - 200 g/hl1
Triticale0.75 kg/ha2
Zucca230 - 280 g/hl2
Zucchino230 - 280 g/hl2

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