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Madex Twin

Madex Twin

Microbiological insecticide for the control of Carpocapsa and Cidia

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MADEX Twin must be applied following the indications deriving from the monitoring with pheromone traps or Regional Forecasting Models. It is advisable to intervene in the vicinity of the opening of the eggs and continue at intervals of 7/8 sunny days.

Thanks to the effectiveness of Peach Cidia, it can be applied advantageously even near the picking on stone fruit, for the control of Cidia, and on pome fruit when there can be contemporary infestations of Carpocapsa and Cidia del Pesco.

100 g of product contain:
Cydia pomonella GranuloVirus
(CpGV - isolated V22)
(minimum 3 x 10 13 granules / l)
g 1
Coformulants qb a
100 g
(melo, pero, cotogno, nashi, nespolo comune
50 - 100 ml/ha
Eseguire il primo trattamento a dosaggio massimo; i trattamenti successivi possono essere effettuati anche a dosaggio minimo, calcolando la persistenza minore (6 gg.)
50 - 100 ml/ha
(pesco, nettarine, mandorlo, susino)
50 - 100 ml/ha

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