Poliphos 10-34

Poliphos 10-34

Fertilizer solution NP 10-34

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Poliphos 10-34 is a fertilizer, phosphate polymer, with a high content of Phosphorus and Nitrogen, designed to beused in fertigation basically, on alkaline and phosphorus-poor soils.

Poliphos 10-34 can also be used in foliar applications. Obtained by a special processing from ammonia and phosphoric acid, Poliphos 10-34 thanks to its weakly acidic pH and to the various polymeric chains of polyphosphates of various lengths, has a ready and slow-release activity, as well as a strong complexing activity towards all meso and microelements present in the soil, particularly towards Iron.

Poliphos 10-34 reduces the pH of the area explored by roots, preventing and treating particular cases of ferric chlorosis. The special liquid formulation consisting in nitrogen (10%) and phosphorus in a high percentage (34% of P2O5), provides immediate availability of these elements that with the meso and microelements complexed in the soil, induce into the plant:

  • a prompt vegetative response;
  • a strong vegetative growth;
  • an advance of the phenological phases;
  • improvement of the organoleptic and commercial characteristics of the products.
Total (N) Nitrogen10%
Ammoniacal (N) Nitrogen10%
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in water34%
Fertigation (kg/ha)
Foliar (g/hl)
Per terreni di medio impasto
30 - 60
200 - 500 g/hl in 3 - 4 interventi
Per terreni mediamente calcarei
60 - 120
Per terreni fortemente calcarei
150 - 200
Stone Fruit

60 - 120
Horticultural crops

60 - 120
Flower crops

100 - 200

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