A.T.S. 12 + 65 (SO3)

A.T.S. 12 + 65 (SO3)

Ammonium Thiosulphate solution

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A.T.S. is a high reductive action solution toward all microelements present in the soil, above all Phosphorous, Iron, Boron, Zinc and Manganese. These elements are quickly available to plants.

If applied periodicallyA.T.S. acts various important function:

  • Nutritional, leading indispensable elements for plant growth;
  • Corrective, modifying chemical-physical characteristics of the soil;
  • Gradual release of Nitrogen, reducing losses for leaching and volatilization;
  • Ferric chlorosis resolution.


  • Plant tissues are stronger;
  • Vegetative and reproductive phase are balanced;
  • Fruits are bigger and uniform;
  • Productivity is increased;
  • Qualitative characteristics are improved.
Ammoniacal (N) Nitrogen
Sulfuric Anhydride (SO3) soluble in water
Sulfuric Anhydride from Thiosulphate

A.T.S. can be successfully used from bud break on tree crops, on horticultural crops not before 2-3 weeks from transplanting. It can be used in fertigation or applied directly on the soil, broadcasting or row placement, using a dosage rate of 300-400 kg/ha.

WARNING: Don not mix with strong acids.

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