Maxi Azoto 30

Maxi Azoto 30

Ammonium nitrate and urea solution

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Maxi Azoto 30 is a liquid fertilizer based on ammonium nitrate and urea, suitable for fertigation on all herbaceous and tree crops

The balanced content of three nitrogenous forms (nitric, ammoniacal, ureic) guarantees a gradual action over time; high purity of raw materials allows foliar applications on many crops, above all on Wheat associated with herbicide treatment. Nitrogen is an essential element, promoting cell multiplication and chlorophyll photosynthesis.

Greater absorption is shown during the vegetative development.

Repeated applications of Maxi Azoto 30 at recommended dosage:

  • Induce the synthesis of more vigorous tissues;
  • Allow a better balance between the vegetative and the reproductive phase;
  • The size and uniformity of the fruits increase;
  • Increase the productivity of plants;
  • Improve the qualitative characteristics of the productions (especially for leaf crops);
  • Increase the production of chlorophyll;
  • Resistance to abiotic stress increases;
  • Cellular permeability increases, improving the absorption capacity of the nutritive elements;
Total nitrogen (N)
Nitrogen (N) nitric
Ammoniacal (N) nitrogen
Nitrogen (N) urea
Grapevine, Stone Fruit, Pome Fruit, Olive, Citrus, Actinidia, etc
200-300 g/hl
80-100 kg/ha
Each application, repeat if necessary.
Tomato, Strawberry, Artichoke, Cereals, Soy, Sugar Beet, Tobacco, etc
200-300 g/hl
60-80 kg/ha
Each application, repeat if necessary.
Horticulture and Flower crops200-300 g/hl
80-100 kg/ha
Each application, repeat if necessary.

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