Maxi Calcio

Maxi Calcio

Calcium nitrate solution

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Maxi Calcium is a liquid fertilizer ideal for fertigation that brings Nitrogen and Calcium readily available to crops. The balanced ratio of the nutritive elements (Nitrogen and Calcium) makes it particularly suitable in all cases of nutritional diseases (dieback in the Grapevine, Apical Rot of Tomato, Bitter Pit of apples, etc.) increasing the vegetative growth on Grapevine, Tree and Horticultural crops.

Its particular formulation, represented by Nitrogen in Nitrate form, increases the chlorophyll activity. The high content of Calcium gives greater resistance to pathogenic attacks, improving cellular turgor, giving greater resistance to plant tissues during transport and storage.

Total nitrogen (N)
Nitrogen (N) nitrogen
Nitrogen (N) ammoniacal
Calcium oxide (CaO) soluble in water
CropsFoliar (kg/ha)
Radical (kg/ha)
Tree crops3 - 5
100 - 300
Industrial crops3 - 5
100 - 300
Horticultural crops3 - 5
100 - 300
Flower crops3 - 5
100 - 300
Lawns and golf courses3 - 5
100 - 300

We suggest using foliar applications during the coolest hours of the day.

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