Ureaphos 14-20

Ureaphos 14-20

Fertilizer solution NP 8-20

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Ureaphos is a fertilizer with a high content of Phosphorus and Nitrogen, designed to be used in fertigation basically on alkaline and high pH soils.

Ureaphos thanks to its weakly acidic pH has a ready and slow-release activity, as well as a strong complexing activity towards all meso and microelements present in the soil, particularly towards Iron.

Ureaphos reduces the pH of the area explored by roots, preventing and treating particular cases of ferric chlorosis. The special liquid formulation consisting in nitrogen (14%) and phosphorus in a high percentage (20% of P2O5), provides immediate availability of these elements that with the meso and microelements complexed in the soil, induce into the plant:

  • a prompt vegetative response;
  • a strong vegetative growth;
  • an advance of the phenological phases;
  • improvement of the organoleptic and commercial characteristics of the products.
Total (N) Nitrogen14%
Urea (N) Nitrogen14%
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in ammonium citrate and water
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in water
Fertigation (kg/ha)
Tree crops
60 - 120
Industrial crops
60 - 120
Horticultural crops
60 - 120
Flower crops
100 - 120
Lawns and golf courses
60 - 150

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