Nitrogen solution (S 25) with iron (Fe)

Solfurea is a liquid fertilizer based on sulfuric acid and urea, suitable for direct application to soil or fertigation.

Solfurea provides Nitrogen, with gradual release and Sulfur, improving vegetative growth and flowering.

Solfurea has a strong acidifying power that allows releasing in the soil the nutritive elements contained, that are blocked under non-assimilable chemical forms, making them available for the plants and increasing the chemical fertility of treated soils.

Total nitrogen (N)
Nitrogen (N)
Sulfuric anhydride (SO 3 ) soluble in water
Iron (Fe) soluble in water
CropsRadical applications (kg/ha)
Tree crops100 - 300
Industrial crops100 - 300
Horticultural crops100 - 300
Flower crops100 - 300
Lawns and golf courses100 - 300

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