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Micosat F TAB Plus WP

Micosat F TAB Plus WP

Water soluble powder with beneficial micro-organisms and mycorrhizal fungi.

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For soil and foliar applications to agricultural crops, trees, vegetables and ornamentals, for outdoor and greenhouse crops.

The beneficial microorganisms colonize the rhizosphere, the mycorrhizae cohanitate with the rhizome. They deter and prevent enemies and pathogens to install.The microorganisms MICOSAT-F TAB PLUS thrive at high soil temperatures, so they must be applied from February onwards. Moisture in the soil is needed for the first application.
Reapplications act as enhancers. The best mode of application is to bring the powder in direct contact with the roots or the dusting of the roots during transplanting, either by placing the powder in planting pit, or by mixing the powder to the growth substrate in the nursery.

Endomycorrhizal fungi belonging to the genus Glomus (G. coronatum GU 53, G. caledonium GM 24, G. intraradices GG 31, G. mosseae GP 11 and G. viscosum GC 41) 

Biologically active bodies Rhizosphere bacteria: Bacillus subtilis BA41, Streptomyces spp. SB 14, Pseudomonas spp. 

Saprophytic fungi Trichoderma harzianum TH01, Trichoderma viride TV03. 

Yeast: Pichia pastoris PP 59

Soil applicationsFoliar application

Fruit trees5-10 kg/ha
Apply before planting or transplanting the crop. Second application after planting with the 50% of the initial dose.1 – 1,5 kg/ha.

Olive trees
5-10 kg/ha.
0,8 -1 kg/ha.
Vegetables3-6 kg/ha.3-6 kg/ha.1 – 1,5 kg/ha.4-5 kg/ha.
Industrial2-3 kg/ha.2-3 kg/ha.2-3 kg/ha.
Kiwi5-10 kg/ha,
2-3 kg/ha.
3-6 kg/ha.3-6 kg/ha.1- 1,5kg/ha.2 -3 kg/ha.
Potato3-6 kg/ha.
1 – 1,5 kg/ha.

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