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Magnet MED

Magnet MED

Long term sustainable control for Mediterranean Fruit Fly

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The Mediterranean fruit fly, or Ceratitis capitata, has for decades been one of the main threats for citrus fruit production professionals. Nowadays, many of the techniques employed by producers involve the use of semiochemicals (substances that insects use to communicate and become familiar with their environment) as part of their integrated pest management programs.

In this sense, the use of traps with food attractants, which encourage these flies to go into them and then die inside, has become widespread. You can find from simple models, like bottles, to significantly more sophisticated designs. The use of these traps is an effective method, but it is also expensive and their handling is difficult and slow. That is why the trapping system Magnet™ MED from Suterra is consolidating as the preferred alternative within the sector.

Thanks to its integrated format, Magnet MED™ provides greater convenience and installation speed. It is an envelope-shaped device containing a mixture of attractants inside, which are released in a controlled manner throughout the campaign. Adults of both sexes, and mostly females, are attracted to the device and die by contact with external surfaces which are impregnated with insecticide.

It also offers additional advantages over other systems, among which we can highlight that a single application per season is enough, without the device needing any maintenance, or that it remains active for at least six months. This active period ensures an effective fight against the pest beyond the crop’s sensitive period, thus contributing to a decrease in the area’s pest populations.

Its effectiveness has been confirmed by a European registration and by thousands of users worldwide. Every day, Suterra’s Magnet™ MED helps growers say goodbye to the Mediterranean fruit fly in an innovative, effective and simple way, while preventing the fruit from coming into contact with insecticides.

“It is applied to citrus trees, stonefruit and persimmon, both conventional and organic, to prevent the appearance of Ceratitis capitata before the fruit fly reaches its peak population,” explains Carlos Monzo, of the technical department of the Agricultural Cooperative San Bernat, of Carlet, Valencia.

“The main advantage over other treatments available is how easy to handle Magnet™ MED is. On the one hand, it is less bulky, and, given that it takes up less room, it is also easier to carry. Moreover, we must highlight the speed and convenience with which the trap is set up in the trees. Our operators need half the time compared to other products on the market,” he affirms.

“At first, it’s a bit shocking for the growers who test it, as they are used to seeing the traps full of flies. With Magnet™ MED, you don’t see the trapped insects, but its efficiency is very high. We have been working with it for three years, and wherever it has been set up, we have not had any problems and have avoided the use of chemicals. It is working very well with organic persimmons,” highlights Carlos Monzo.

(10 mg / panel
0, 03%
Specific food attractions: ammonium acetate, trimethylamine

Easy to use:

  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Easy trasport, device ships ready to use
  • Easy to deploy


  • Minimizes handling
  • For organic production
  • Friendly solution for the environment

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